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Our centre is staffed with well experienced in-house embryologists, dedicated andrologist and nurse coordinators who are passionate about the field.  They work for and give you rapid response whenever problem arises during the treatment and coordinate effectively with clinicians.  We have nearly 2 decades of experience in this field.


We are offering all services at most economical charges to the couples when compared with any of the M
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We see things differently. We believe ?IVF and fertility treatments. ?you?re ?a couple, we?ll help you to work out an individual fertility programme that?s right for you.?


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Our fertility centre has a long successful story which was established One and half decade ago with eminent Gynecologist, Andrologist and Embryologist as inhouse team performing most economical and successful I.V.F. programme in coastal area of Andhra Pradesh.

Failed IVF

Pregnancy rates with IVF/ICSI are in the range of 50 - 60% per cycle. After making provisions for early or late miscarriages, pregnancy losses, ectopic pregnancies, the net live birth rate is in the range of 40% per cycle. This means that 60% of treatments would fail.

Poor Responders

Patients With Low Ovarian Reserve.There are several tests to estimate the "time on hand" by assessing the ovarian (egg) reserve.?

Our Approach

Women's Health & Safety are our Key Priority.We do not advise any additional tests or procedures that are not scientifically Proven.The Cost of Treatment Cycle is always kept to the minimum.The Welfare of child and family are very important to us.

Counseling and Support

Infertility is often difficult to manage, and is exacerbated when it is prolonged, when there isn't family or social support at hand, The counsellor's role is to provide a framework for you to explore your thoughts and feelings, to enhance your coping strategies, and to anticipate and assist in managing IVF treatment stresses

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